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Review of Scam or Legit?

Started by Mildred254 2021-04-27 at 06:54
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ForumCoin is a forum where you earn by posting. This is is not a get rich scheme. You need to write quality posts and threads. One forum coin is equivalent to one cent. The minimum payout is $5 by PayPal. So 500 forumcoin is equivalent to $5.

You can also apply for article writing in the forum but you need to wait until you are old on the forum. For example after one year, you can now apply for article writing and your profile posts will be part of the application process since they will use it to determine how well you write.

You can also post your ad for a chance to win. The ad area is like a market place where members post offers and small tasks that after completing, you get paid the promised forum coin.

This forum used to have a faucet for making extra coins but it has now been removed.

You can also currently host your link on the site for two months for only $1 or 100 forum coin. This offer is for a limited time. This is a legit forum and you can find payment proofs there.

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