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General instructions for writing a paid Review/Article

Started by Admin 2021-04-25 at 19:31
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Hello members,
Following rules and instructions are applicable to write a paid Review/Article:
1.Write the best topic title to attract others for a Review such as:
Write a title for the Review of Neobux : Review of : Scam or Legit?
or, How to earn most of
Write a title for an Article about anything related to Web Design such as:
Write a title about SEO optimization: How to optimize a website for SEO?
or, Optimize your website for SEO
These are just examples.
2.Repeat the topic title with bold letters at the top of your Review/Article.
3.Put a screenshot of your Review website or related article.
4.Describe the Review/Article carefully.
5.Write short descriptions about the Review/Article such as Pay per click,Referral click,Minimum payout,Alexa Rank etc.
6.Your total content must be at least 100 words to be approved for Reviews and 200 words for Articles.
7.You do not need to write as a paragraph or as an essay or as any article.You are allowed to arrange it as wish.But we may not approve if it doesn’t present the Review/Article properly.
8.Do not repeat any Review/Article to write new one.
9.A member is allowed to write maximum of 2 Reviews/Articles each day.
10.You are allowed to edit again and again to complete your Review/Article.
11.You are allowed to insert rferral link anywhere on the Review/Article.But we may remove your referral link or sell it for certain time periods as we are paying you for this Review/Article.
12.Anyone can buy referral link of your written Review/Article and you are allowed to reserve it with only 50% of reservation cost.
13.You cannot edit your Review/Article once you have submitted successfully.
14.Reply your Review/Article 'submitted' to cmplete your submission.
15.Wait untill a moderator will check your Review/Article and Accept or Reject it.He/She will reply your Review/Article either 'accepted' or 'rejected' and will specify the amount you will have won for writting the Review/Article.
16.We reserve rights to edit your Review/Article to display it properly.
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